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Part of me thinks about how nice it would be to have a shiny Skies of Arcadia portable machine, but these things are very expensive for something I'd probably rarely use.

(That's what RPG books are for.)

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Do we need to have seen any other movies or indeed know anything about Godzilla to enjoy this?

Most of the Japanese Godzilla movies are fairly standalone - there are a handful of direct sequels in there, but by and large so long as you know "Godzilla's the big nuclear lizard" you're up to speed with the lore.

(The Monsterverse films pretend to have more complex lore, but they don't; thematically and plot wise, they're in the late Heisei era with recurring characters and monsters but no real through line of importance. They're also much more heavy handed with the easter eggs and references.)

Minus One is set earlier than any of the other films so far*, and could be argued as a stealth prequel to 2016's Shin Godzilla, but for all practical purposes it's a new story, with new characters and a new take on the monster. Everything you need to know is in the film.

*It's set in 1945-47, though 1991's Godzilla vs King Gidorah involved a time travel plot with a sequence set in 1944.

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Godzilla Minus One is on Netflix UK.

Get it watched.

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Because I, apparently, Cannot Help Myself™, I've been putting together a Wildsea system for Foundry, so I've been going over bits of that with fine-tooth comb to make sure we can support everything you need before I try to get a campaign off the ground, post-Avatar. What's also been helpful is listening to an actual play game to see how things flow; it's left me a little concerned that my players aren't as eagerly collaborative as I might want them to be, but hopefully we can build up to that.

I'm also prepping to run a couple of shorter adventures in Land of Eem to put that through its paces, so I'm making sure to re-read the conflict and combat rules there.

Recently took delivery of Mothership 1e, Brindlewood Bay and CBR+PNK as well, but haven't really managed much more than a skim yet.


Nothing, at the moment. Dropped out of my 5e game due to scheduling limitations (on my end), so it's just running stuff for the forseeable.


Avatar continues moving towards the finale; the party are making their way to convince the Earth Kingdom Army to commit the troops necessary for booting the Fire Nation out of their hometown, which is kinda the last big piece of the puzzle. I have a couple plot threads currently lying loose that I'd like to tie up – and an air bison I need to get back in, somehow – but I feel like the players are pretty happy with where things are headed.

I spent most of the week before our most recent Dragonbane reading through the Temple of the Purple Flame part of the boxset adventure, only for the party to spend the entire thing investigating some anonymous ruins they spotted on the region map. What would have been two "nothing happens" random encounters through the forest turned into an attempt to drop breadcrumbs for an NPC they might meet in the Temple and a midnight combat against a group of skeletons. I'm assured that they will try to make it to the Temple next time.

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The Odeon here in Dundee is, I'm convinced, some kind of money laundering operation. I've never been to a screening of anything that's been more than a third full, but it recently got a massive overhaul with all massive recliner seats.

The Cineworld, on the other hand, is a bit more weathered, but we tend to go there more often as it's much closer to the house.