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And as for the Aya Neo Pocket I'm pretty sure it'll have no issue running anything too, at least on paper with that Snapdragon (The Odin 2 having a Snapdragon Gen 2 was pretty huge at the time, although some phones have the Gen 3 now) And it probably isnt an issue but ergonomically a phone in a Kishi prob feels nicer.

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That thing would crush Vampire Survivors!

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Fate/Extra: CCC
Dragon Quest 4
Star Ocean: the Divine Force
Granblue Fantasy Relink
Mega Man Legends 2
Ridge Racer Type 4
Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth
Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Dragon Quest 5
Crisis Core Reunion
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Ace Combat 1
Ace Combat 2
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
Fire Emblem (6): The Binding Blade
Sakura Taisen
Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

Timesplitters 2
Couldn't be bothered remapping Perfect Dark controls to feel good on something that isn't an N64 controller so I guess this will do.

This was such a blast from the past though! I think the Siberia level has been laser etched into my brain, most of the levels are pretty memorable due to how distinctive the game's format is but putting Not-Goldeneye as the first level was actually a pretty sick move by Free Radical, maybe not intentional but still. As mentioned before, the format is that you go to different time periods, which includes the Wild West, Prohibition Era Chicago or even futuristic alien planet in Space and while there is some overlap I do appreciate that this influences how weapons feel somewhat. (And even though a Silenced 9mm is functionally the same as a Revolver, it doesn't have the spaghetti western gunshot sound so really it's not the same, the little things matter! :) )

Anyway this is a Free Radical game so you're here for the shooting, and they don't dissapoint, it's a 10/10 in this aspect, it's like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark had a baby or something. Me and my friends use to play the multiplayer for this religiously until Halo 2 came out and became the new undisputed king.

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8bitdo strike again! Been looking at their general console wireless pads for ages

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If we're talking phone controllers then what are the best/good ones? Because some of these are kinda' expensive too, like the Razer Kishi line. Then there's the Xbox Backbone one I saw a Death Stranding edition of for people to play errr Death Stranding and Resident Evil 8 on which feels like an absolutely insane concept to say out loud and really speaks to how powerful phones are now. (although those are iOS only for now I think). I think the best I saw is the Gamesir G8, costs like, the price of an actual controller but whatever if we're window shopping the Odin 2 mini andwhatnot:

Not really something I'd whip out in the canteen at work though to play Sonic 2, but damn it looks pretty cool. 😓

EDIT - Genshin Impact on Android doesn't have native controller support, how much were Apple paying them!!!!!! >:(