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Posted in PWB June 2024

I played Hunters and I wasn't particularly impressed, it seems very basic with almost everything good locked behind F2P bullshit and the 30FPS update isn't great for a game like this. Also the fake not-actually-Star-Wars music really grated. Anyone with access to Game Pass should probably play Battlefront 2 instead, which is an unbelievably good and fully-featured Star Wars multiplayer shooter that doesn't always get the recognition it deserves.

I also played a bit of Humanity which is a very Tory kind of a game - supposedly you have to save people, but actually it doesn't matter how many you let die as long as you save the one or two important ones which are literally made out of solid gold. It's fun and quite clever but I'm sure I'll bounce off it as I do almost all games where your only reward for completing a puzzle is another puzzle.

Posted in The Bargains Thread

Marvel's Midnight Suns is free on Epic this week. If you've ever wanted to play a game that's one-third XCOM, one-third deck builder and one-third superhero house share simulator then this is for you! (Get it, it's ace)

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I’m sure it’ll just be the main plot, probably of the first game, and therefore rather miss the point of the whole thing. I don’t think you can really capture the insanity of Yakuza without it coming across as a parody.

I hope I’m wrong and 75% of the show is the main protagonist dicking around in the batting cages and doing a spot of light karaoke. But I can’t see it.

Posted in Moving Pictures

We watched it on Saturday night - thanks for the recommendation. It was pretty good, though we didn't have anything to compare it against. I think the only Godzilla exposure I've ever had was the 1970s TV cartoon, and thankfully Godzooky didn't make an appearance in this one.

Posted in The retro thread

It’s very short though and has one ridiculous difficulty spike halfway through that I don’t think anyone got past without looking up the solution. It’s really good but I wouldn’t go making it your main holiday game or anything.