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Completed Hellblade.
That was quite a journey, disappointing to see the sequel is getting the thumbs down. I could only play it in 30 minutes sittings as the whole voices thing is so triggering I'm suprised the game is even legal.
Really added fuel to the fire of my interest in Norse mythology though, and have started reading the Poetic Edda of all the norse poems. Highlight so far finding out that Mimir was the name of the well and river Odin gave his eye to for knowledge. And of course the character Mimir in GOW is the font of all the ingame knowledge. Nice touch.
That and reading really good advice from Odin and thinking oh he's got a point here, and then he moves on to talking about women and oh dear.

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Just saw the preview for next weeks Who episode.

Someone has been playing the Rusty Lake games.

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Godzilla Minus One is an excellent film in its own right, even if you know nothing of the lore.
It's almost a remake of the original (apparently), and not part of the whole Kong & Godzilla monsterverse. It's not really an origin story either.
The human story about the horrors of war, specifically the meaning of being a soldier in Japan, are as poignant as any non-fantasy take on it. Fanstastic cast, cinematography and character style.
One of my recent faves.

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Hades turned up today.
My quick fifteen minute go turned in to 2 hours.
This is a game and a half.

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Our local Cineworld is a bit like a Premier Inn. Cheap and basic but you knew exactly what you were going to get. Was going every week under the cheap deal and never had a problem there with the audience.
Until I went to watch Wonka. Before I went I did feel a bit self-conscious about being a 45 year old man sat on his own in a kids film. But hey its a Monday afternoon so the kids will all be at school,
I'd forgot about half-term and freaked out when the lobby was full of kids. But, hey I thought, maybe it will be a better experience with a receptive audience.
Turns out kids in Cheltenham are so well behaved they did not laugh once during the whole film.
So now I'm sat there trying to stifle laughter at the film, looking twice as wierd.