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Posted in PWB June 2024

Played a out two hours of Hunters last night and it was surprisingly good. It was clearly bots to begin with, although being on Switch it feels clear to me who else is on Switch and who are on mobile. Looking forward to playing some more later.

Posted in The retro thread

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon:Shadow Wars - was a surprisingly good turn based game, Xcom like without the base stuff.

Posted in PWB May 2024

Yeah with you on that. Played it loads as a kid and never seemed to get anywhere, I played it for the first time a few years back and got further than I ever had on the first go.

One of the rare childhood games thats actually better than I even thought at the time.

Posted in PWB May 2024

New add for me in Skate (the original).

I played this at the time and hated it as couldn't get my head around it. I had it at work last year as the students wanted it (we actually had Skate 3) but recently I spotted it was on GamePass via EA so gave it a go, and now totally addicted to it. It's great on the Series X as and quick resume as can be up and messing around into about 30 seconds.

It's crazy seeing the main skaters T mobile flip phone that powers the main hub menu of the game, 2007 feels so long ago already.