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You would be able to emulate most things with that phone, probably up to PS2. The thing to do is download Dolphin and try out Gamecube emulation. The hardest games to run are F-Zero and Rogue Squadron.

If I was going to buy a retro handheld, for all it's looks I wouldn't go for the Ayaneo Pocket S. Ayaneo tend to really overprice their machines, and focus more on releasing a steady stream of expensive but poorly-optimised machines instead of making something with good ergonomics and controls. Russ from Retro Game Corps (our glorious leader, frankly) described it as "premium but underwhelming." For £200 less you can get the Odin 2, which is a better machine and the king of these things.

Basically, for PS2 there are four sensible options -
The Odin 2, which basically plays all PS2 games and has extraordinary battery life, really good controls and ergonomics and a premium feel.
The Retroid Pocket 4 Pro, which plays most PS2 games, but is cheaper and smaller.
The Anbernic RG556 which is another step down from the RP4P in power, but has an OLED screen, great ergonomics, and is cheaper again.
The Steam Deck (or any top-end handheld PC) which is much more powerful than any of the others and easier to set up thanks to Emudeck and Emulation Station, as well as of course playing Steam games. If you want to be really flash like me you could get an Asus Rog Ally Extreme and emulate PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Yeah, when you buy an Odin 2 or a RP4P you've essentially buying an Android tablet with a game controller built in. The setup process is exactly the same as what you would do on your Android phone if you wanted to turn it into an emulation device. It's a long process (Russ from Retro Game Corps has an excellent video tutorial.)


I now have an Odin 2 pro. A purple one. I wanted a black base model but they were sold out when I came to order it, so I got a purple pro. Everything was back in stock literally the next morning. Oh well, the pro is nice because of the extra internal storage and the ram, oddly this is more for when I'm playing Android games though.

The thing that sets the Odin 2 way above my phone as a games machine is that it is just a games machine. I don't get Stack notifications appear over the top of the game I'm playing. I was able to set everything up so it launches Daijisho on start-up, all the settings are locked in, and I can just pick a game off the lists. The controls, ergonomics, and battery life are all miles better than my phone as well. It's a lot of money to put down for something that has essentially the same game-playing capabilities as a phone, of course. It's a completely mad thing to buy. But it's soooooo nice. It's the be-all-and-end-all of emulation handhelds. It really can't be beaten, not even by the new mini that has come out, and which looks like a PS Vita.

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Yeah, that's a great giveaway. I'd been umming and ahhing about buying it for months.

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Tom Clancy Ghost Recon:Shadow Wars - was a surprisingly good turn based game, Xcom like without the base stuff.

Oh yeah, that's a brilliant game. Can be bought for £4 in CEX, too.

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Vimm's Lair has been decimated. Many, many games have been removed. I can understand the publishers' point of view, and I am very much against emulation of current systems like the Switch, but the games removed haven't been available to buy for years, decades even. Vimm's didn't contain Switch roms, and seemed to be more focused on preservation than genuine piracy. It looks like they have been caught up in Nintendo's anger surrounding the likes of Yuzu and Citra.