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Strong showing from Microsoft yesterday; more interesting than Sony's showcase. And some of it is finally coming this year.


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That and the 30fps.

And I'm also in the "is Jimbob talking about Hades or Hellblade" camp.

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Didn't know about Inkbound at all (and neither did my son who is a big Monster Train fan too). Looks great, good catch. Slung in the basket to buy as it was on discount. Got home. Discount finished. No keys anywhere. Doh.

Added to the wishlist.

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It had a couple of minor patches on PS5, which improved it a tiny bit. Still a bit janky though (more of a frame timing issue and lurching drops rather than generically bad performance, which means if the studio was there it could likely be fixed). Maybe it's better on the 1X.

I think its only hope is to be brute forced on a high performance rig, or community intervention at this stage.

Shame. As while the lead, plot and many aspects of the plot are a bit tired and hackneyed, it was at least a unique new IP and had some creative stuff going on.

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Immortals is on Gamepass this month. I'd recommend it as it's a bit different. Absolute jankfest on consoles with a 60fps mode about as stable as our current government, but it's vaguely creative with at least some world building effort. Lead is a dick. But it has the cool woman from Firefly in it.