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Really? Shows what I know! :sweat_smile: I haven't played it since around Warlords of Draenor, and mostly forget that it's still going.

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I also thought for a beautiful moment they were bringing WoW to consoles.

I don't see WoW working on console without a massive overhaul, but I briefly thought it might be an announcement they were adding it to GamePass.

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as a serious racing game


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Two more on the Read pile! At UKGE today I picked up a couple of books from a company with the incredible name of SoulMuppet Publishing:

  • Orbital Blues, a retrofuturistic '80s galactic western that wears its Firefly/Cowboy Bebop influence proudly on its sleeve. A 2d6(ish) system, pretty simple, and only suffers a little bit from overly-pleased-with-itself Indie Layout Syndrome. The two writers and the artist were at the booth, so I got the book signed, too.

  • Inevitable , which is described as "a doomed Arthurian western". Players are a cadre of gunslinging knights errant, wandering the wasteland in service to the sickly boy king of an empire that's prophesied to fall. You can't perevent the apocalypse - but you might delay it long enough to save some folks. It's both kind of a downer (certain death will do that) and bonkers funny, featuring magical, often sentient firearms like a communist rifle, a shotgun possessed by the spirit of a horse, and a revolver that fires trains. Apocalypses ("Dooms", to use the book's term) are similarly varied - you might be battling the fanatical armies of the Cannibal Saint, trying to turn a cabal of wizards against each other, or dealing with a dragon that's currently chained under a mountain but very much wants to escape. Mechanically, it's pretty different to other RPGs I've read - when you come up against a villain, you can pay a cost to get a bonus on your roll - a cost you stake then and there, and can include your reputation, your gear, important locations or allies - thinning out the list of what you have to bargain with until all you've got left to give is your life. The art is great, the layout is very sensible, and the whole thing oozes vibes and style like nobody's business.