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Posted in The retro thread

I'm almost certain that phone will run Gamecube/PS2 no problem. But as everyone else has said, it might be a nicer experience on a dedicated device.

Posted in The retro thread

Is there an Onion OS equivalent for my android phone?

Just wondering whether I should bother with a more powerful handheld (Retroid 4 Pro for example) when I've got my phone and a clip-on controller already.

If android has something like Onion, that sets up the emulators, does all the fiddly stuff, and provides a pretty front end, I'd probably just do that?

Posted in PWB June 2024

10ish, I can't remember exactly. Maybe a few more than 10.

I'd say just go for it, definitely don't take an extended break. You'll already have seen that there's something of an overarching narrative, and it can help to remember who's who. Although all the cases can be solved in isolation, of course.

Posted in PWB June 2024

I think that was me, it's great isn't it.

Although some of the later chapters made me feel pretty thick.

Posted in The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S thread

If you have the time, I would wholeheartedly recommend returning for Dragonflight, the latest (and outgoing) expansion.

It's been absolutely transformative after a couple of crap expansions (Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands). Dragonriding itself is so much fun that they've changed how all flying mounts in the game work.

But I also appreciate it's not easy to find time for an MMO.