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see you all next year, yeah? :V

Well, that was the first time anyone has ever made DS sound appealing to me, and was very well written. I really enjoyed reading it, thank you.

I didn't realise changes to the world had permanance for everyone - that's fascinating. To have played it when it first came out, and to come back to it now, must be an incredible experience. I don't think I've finished a game of his since MGS on the PS1, but he's fascinating, Kojima. Even when he misses the mark, which he does quite often. Really shows up the convergent, by-rote nature of much of the rest of the big budget product that hits the shelves these days.

Had I the time to wallow in games that need to be wallowed in, I would love to immerse myself in this. However, given family/work situations, it's unlikely to happen, so I'll just convince myself that my next paranoid dream about the children's safety and my inability to secure their future was my playthrough and leave it at that.

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Steam decks have 10% off at the moment, to celebrate a year on the market. My credit card is trying to hide in the corner of my wallet, but I think it will have to surrender to the inevitable soon enough…

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That's genuinely excellent. I wish I could do anything to that standard!

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I completely agree with the above, aside from I don't care whether my money trickles down (erm, up) to her.

I should care. I know in a perfect world she'd be punished financially for using her platform in such a shitty way. But I only have room in my head for so many principled stands, and if people don't pick their battles they'll go mad.

Yeah this is where we ended up too. I'm not proud of it, but I'm frankly too tired to fight the good fight for everything all the time.

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It runs pretty well on ps5, framerate seems solid but there is still some texture pop-in on occasion, especially when it rains. Definitely only minor irritations though, nothing that impacts on gameplay.