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Posted in RPG Mar/Apr 24

Thanks Brian - maybe I’m misremembering, but I thought it was either very recent , or an upcoming kickstarter.

Posted in RPG Mar/Apr 24

Did someone on here mention a vampire role playing game, that wasn’t the terrible Masquerade?

Posted in RPG Jan/Feb '24

I wounded two of my four players! In the end I took pity on them and had the Old One take out the last Soldier, before allowing them to detain a spy who tried to slink away from the pirate boat.

The whole two hour session was one fight - but against eight foes and a squid

Posted in RPG Jan/Feb '24

My The One Ring game is starting to come to a head.

The secret Numenorian infiltration of Eriador has raised a physical head, a small group of pirates influencing the court of the Queen of Lon Daer, and my group has decided that cutting off their means of escape and sinking their boats, is their best way forward.

I have a battle planned with pirates and soldiers, and if they survive, a hidden spy - who will open up the rest of the story for them.

I’ve also come up with what I think is a great Old One, as part of the battle - a little inspiration from Jason and the Argonauts, I intend to bring to life the squid like carvings at the prow of the boats - not a carving at all but a numenorian tool for their ships!

Posted in Blade Runner RPG

I was tempted by Blade Runner, but wasn’t sure I could pull off being the GM for the game.

How much of the investigating is down to the PC’s? Mine like to swing axes and hit things, so a move to a sci-fi setting hasn’t really gripped anyone else.