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I don't think you want that, it'll be a veritable tornado of Trump, overly hot summers and possible global war. Best get yourself put down now.



I don't know if that's only worthy of a shrug. GTA V was amazing, and I'm personally very much ready for a new single player GTA. I hope they don't take anything from GTA Online though. Honestly the worst game you can play online in 2023.

It's very easy to criticise GTA, for the writing, the misanthropy, the stereotypes, the nastiness of the humour, the controls, the way the games are structured, the way the development process chews people up. None of these criticisms are wrong, although the controls in GTA V were perfectly fine in my opinion.

However, they do make incredible cities, and nothing touches them for sheer spectacle. Their proxy-Miami looks astonishing. That's what you get when you feed enough programmers, artists, designers and testers into a meat grinder, I guess. The way women are represented in the trailer is dispiriting though. It's a 90-second trailer. Did we really need to have two shots of women twerking, and another four of women in bikinis? It's as if they are thinking, "we've got a female protagonist this time so we can't be accused of misogyny. Go nuts on the titillation everywhere else!" It looks like they are going to have a lot of "satire" surrounding the Florida Man trope this time around. I'm sure that will be handled sensitively.

However ambivalent I am, I know I'm going to play it. I know I'll enjoy it. I know I'll feel a bit grubby while doing so. I might not admit owning it.



I know it's a very different game so I doubt I have anything to worry about but I hope this is more fun to do crime and mess about in then Red Dead Redemption 2 was, as well as avoid any memes like the strict 'do what we say exactly how we say' missions that lead to that guy failing a mission to kill a guy because the guy died in a different way than intended. Other than that I'm looking forward to it, but in a loose sense because that 2025 release date means the game may as well not exist to me for a while.



It looks very impressive, but I'm not sure that it looks all that interesting.

Though we're at least 18 months out from release; maybe some additional details will come out that pique my curiosity.